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Peaster High School6

Peaster, TX | Parker County

September 16, 2014

Today I wad searched by Mrs. Madison, which is the new assistamt principal of Peaster Highschool. I wasn't told why I was being searched or what they were searching for. She didn't even appologize when she didn't find anything on me. Im an A honor roll student that plays on the basketball team and has a perfect disiplinary record. I was randomly asked at lunch to come with her. This school is also way to obsessed with sports. If your kids don't play sports then they're more than likely going to end up as an outcast. I would not put my kid in this school if I were any of you. The education is decent. Thats all I have to say about it.

August 24, 2008

My daughter has been going to Peaster since see started Kindergarden and now see is about to be in her Sophmore year of High School. She has been active in volleyball,basketball,track and for the first time last year she played softball. I did all these sports also in Grade and High School and found them to help me be more confident in myself and learn to be part of a team. I made many friends during my years in these sports. I see many other schools than Peater, put a lot more importance on sports than education. I feel my daughter will be ready for Junior college after graduation, that she will be well prepared and confident in her studies. I think this is a wonderful school with excellent teachers and coaches she has worked with thus far.

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May 1, 2007

My daughter is a current student at Peaster High School and my son also graduated from Peaster as well. I feel that it is a wonderful safe school, with a great staff, excellent teachers, good extracurricular activities, outstanding parent and community involvement. It does have a significant emphasis on basketball, but that is not all it is concerned with and it is unfair to state otherwise. Both of my children have made excellent grades and participated in the advanced classes and college dual enrollment opportunities. They have both been leaders in school as well as their church and community. I feel that the excellent education they received at Peaster is a big part of this.

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July 24, 2006

Peaster is definitely all about basketball. When they went to state, the whole school, parents included, bleached their hair blonde, and they gave everyone the day off to attend the game. If as much emphasis was placed on the science fair or spelling bee, etc., I might support the attitude of the school, but it isn't. If you don't play athletics, at Peaster, your kid is nobody. The pressure is unbelievable to get them to play. The other thing is they center their whole year around the TAKS test. They have practice tests after practice tests. No wonder the kids get decent scores on the test, I just wonder if they learn anything thats not on the test!

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September 21, 2004

I agree with the one other review submitted. They start these children in the first grade, Saturdays, late evenings. Sometimes the kids are exhausted and still have to get up early the next day for school. Soccer is coming in strong, but basketball rules over everything. Other fields of interest like science, math, foreign languages,etc are non existent as far as Peaster is concerned. Are these children going to make living or careers out of basketball? I doubt it. Peaster, please present the fact that there is a big world out there in need of doctors, nurses, biologists, newspeople, interpretors, computer analysts, artists, etc.

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