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Poolville High School5

Poolville, TX | Parker County

June 8, 2013

its just great school and i love to be in here....it has gr8 teachers and good environment to increase the level of students to think about themselves and thier future..

Submitted by a student

July 20, 2011

No softball?! You would think that this high school would at least have a girl's softball team, being so popular with their boys' baseball! Poolville High School is baseball crazy and if they can teach their boys' to play baseball they can surely teach their girls' to play softball just as good! The only reason that I'm pending on going to that high school is because they provide no softball for their girls'! Poolville High School should really take into consideration the thought of a girls' softball team! It could probably take that "below average" rating to at least an "average" or higher! Personally, if it did provide girl's softball, it would be the perfect school.

February 28, 2008

We think Poolville Independent Schools are excellent for the students, parents, and teachers. Our children started here in 4th and 6th grade. The Acedemic stimulation is wonderful and I have found the staff interaction with the students to be very encouraging. They really do care about the students and their future. There are many supporting parents and grandparents also that support all of the Poolville Monarchs. It is a very close nit community. And YES, Thank GOD that there is still a school district that believes in and implements corporal punishment. How else can children learn and teachers teach without disruption, when there are a few kids that test thier limits. We would recommend this school system to everyone. There are many opportunities here that larger schools cant offer for obvious reasons. Mick and Marjorie Graves, Parents

Submitted by a parent

August 17, 2007

Poolville High School is a very good school. They have great teachers and students. I love the school cause there is very little violence so I don't have to worry bout my kids going there. The teachers are great with the students and they really know what they are doing too. I would recomend this school to all parents out there they should try it. It is a very good school for their kids to go to.

Submitted by a parent

October 28, 2005

I cannot tell you how impressed we are with Poolville High School. After suffering through the foolishness at Aledo. Poolville even allows the girls to have time to take a shower after gym or athletics. Poolville is much more like the school I went to. They actually insist that students learn in order to be passed - no 'social' promotions. And, lo and behold, a school that still has corporal punishment and wastes little time on the 'at risk' kids whose primary purpose is to prevent the other kids from getting an education.

Submitted by a parent

July 7, 2004

In a small school you would think that there would be more participation and interaction between students and faculty. Their are not. The education is slighted and instead of preparing these children for college and a future in the world they let too many slip through the cracks. Emphasis is seemingly only put on what the children must do to pass and not much more. I recommend that anyone preparing to send there children to this school re-think the idea and go somewhere else.

Submitted by a former student

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