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Lake Worth High School3

Lake Worth, TX | Tarrant County

December 4, 2014

This school is not really good, because of the teachers being on their phones and iPads durning class and at the pep rally's. The food they feed us is not edible, some of the teachers don't act like they really care about teaching some of the teacher, but some teachers are very good at their jobs like the Spanish teachers Ruiz, and veliz. And the teachers won't stop any of the seniors from throwing footballs at the freshmen at pep rally's, their is no home coming dance but their is a foot ball game and a parade for home coming. So before u send ur kids here deeply consider it.

July 18, 2014

This school is ok it's not the best school but there are some teachers that honestly do care for there students and the atheltics program is the hardest working part of the school coach Belloc works his butt off for us. But the academics is pretty good but we are wayyy behind other schools. The race diversity.. It's manly black and Mexican very few whites. But overall I don't think I would leave once a bullfrog always a bullfrog

June 9, 2011

This school needs to have more interest in after school activies. Lake Worth is a growing area and needs to keep the young kids busy with academic activies.

June 2, 2011

I had attended Lake Worth High School in 2001. I attended my entire 12th grade year, after moving to TX from WI. I experienced somewhat of a culture shock, having to adapt and learn about the Texas History and as a mandatory graduation required class. I learned a lot about the history of Texas and was indeed grateful for the opportunity. Granted, the alumni was small, although the teaching staff was remarkable.

December 11, 2008

I am a Parent with a son who attends Lake Worth High School. I want to mention a few things about the new Principal John Lindsay. Out of all the administrators I have ever worked with to educate my son who has Autism, Mr. Lindsay is the most educated, knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding administrator I have ever met. His knowledge and understanding of both the academic and emotional needs of special needs children's including Autism and other learning disabilities as well as the needs of regular education students is just amazing. I truly believe with his leadership in his new role at Lake Worth High School that this school 'WILL' become an exceptional school in the near future. Submitted by: Parent & Special Needs Advocate

Submitted by a parent

January 14, 2008

I agree with the student rating and comments. This school is less than adequet in its acedemics, athletic program, and teacher/ leadership areas. While there ar ea few teachers and parents that are truly there for the students, wanting to see them at their best, a few is not enough. There are more students there that are trying to make it better for themselves but with lack of concern from their superiors. It is disheartening to kno wthat the students feel this way about their Alta Matar. When you here them make comments like 'I hate the mentality that it is ok to be stupid or a looser because I go to Lake Worth'. There should be more listening and action being taken. Submitted by a proud Aunt and friend of many.

July 5, 2006

I believe this school is just trying to get by and believes that there students are not wanting to go to a nice college but they are wrong.

Submitted by a student

February 16, 2006

I think the quality of the academic programs are great at LWHS. The classes are challenging for my son with the option to move up to AP classes for further challenge. The sports program is excellent. The level of parent involvement seems adequite.

Submitted by a parent

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