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Bridgeport High School4

Bridgeport, TX | Wise County

August 28, 2011

I find that this school helps their students and that they care what happens to the kids

Submitted by a parent

June 5, 2008

BHS has a lot of extracurricular activities to choose from: UIL Academics, Sports, and Clubs. BHS also offers a lot of AP and advanced courses, computer classes. Furthermore, the faculty does a great job.

Submitted by a student

April 9, 2008

All they care about is football. There is no discipline for the students so they get away with whatever they want. Good teachers, but horrible pay.

Submitted by a teacher

June 6, 2007

Wow, Bridgepor is to be commended for by passing ALL schools in not only the district, but this county too. Kuddos to the administrators!

Submitted by a parent

February 22, 2006

The math and Science Departments need work. The music/chior program doesn't exsist Boys sports rule (football), girls are given left-overs in all areas.

Submitted by a parent

June 25, 2005

If you are looking for small, friendly and boring school. Bridgeport is definately your school!

Submitted by a student

June 25, 2005

I've been to many schools and this one was a good one. The academics was good also... I would love to go there again!

Submitted by a student

November 23, 2004

Bridgeport has won most of the UIL State Competitions in Mathetmatics, Number Sense, and Calculator in the last decade, and I am grateful to have been apart of that. The teachers in the AP courses were superb and I was glad to have taken as many as I did. The other classes, it seems, could have been taught by anyone. The truly pronounced problems with this school are as follows. The principal shows no concern for what the student body wants. He rudely told seven of the top ten percent graduates that he did not care about any petitions or any student body requests. These faults, coupled with general racism and poor student attitude, force me to conclude that, unless you have a child who demonstrates outstanding skill in football or UIL events, Bridgeport is far from ideal.

Submitted by a former student

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